Monday, March 30, 2015
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Your opinion is important to us.  Please feel free to submit comments about any story appearing in our newspaper or anything happening in our community.  We reserve the right to delete any comment from the forum, and will block members from commenting if necessary. No slanderous, libelous or malicious entries will be tolerated.


Visitor Comments

Submitted By: Social Media Submitted: 9/10/2014
If you ask me how I’m doin’ I’ll tell you that I’m fine. That is my typical response. I don’t want pity from people. If there is a problem in my life I don’t usually share it. If I do share whatever problems may be bothering me, I share with real friends, people I actually see and talk to in person. What I don’t understand is how people can go on social media sites and basically beg their social friends to show them pity! A few of my S.M. (social media) friends have well over one thousand friends on their page and is constantly begging for attention. I just don’t get it. I have less than three hundred friends on my page, and that is absolutely fine with me, because about a quarter are family, and another quarter are either people I have worked with or are friends of my children and their parents. The last half are people that I have went to school with. The fact is I know these people! Can you honestly say that you know everyone that you are S.M. friends with? Furthermore, do you want them to know all of your business? I suppose you can answer yes to at least one of my questions to you, that yes, you do want them to know what is going on in your pathetic life, otherwise you wouldn’t have posted it to the internet! I am truly sorry that your Auntie passed away at 100 years of age, five years, two weeks, and three days ago. Seriously, be happy that she led a long life. I am also sorry that your dog Wilbur was ran over by a car. Wait, is that the same dog that you kept outside and chained up? What did you expect the poor animal to do? Wait for you to come out once a day and throw it some food, the poor beast was probably trying to get away and hoping for a better life! I tend to share the more enjoyable things in my life. Like that my 10 year old made the honor roll at school! Or that my oldest is a senior this year. I also like to take pictures to share with family and friends that live too far away to visit often. I don’t like to share the bad or what I’m constantly feeling because I know that even though I may get sympathy comments or likes on my status, no one really gives a hoot! I know this because I don’t give a hoot myself when you post your poor pitiful me drama! Rant OVER!

Submitted By: RebeccaSubmitted: 7/28/2014
I wish the Citronelle would take a look at Mobile's garbage can ordinance! I am so tired of dodging those cans that are halfway in the street. Mobile's ordinance fines people of the can is left out too long after pickup!

Submitted By: Ginny BrownSubmitted: 7/14/2014
Thanks very much for cleaning out the bushes on Albert Turner road. Looks great.

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